A day at the Met


And here it is, my first post! So I have basically been suffering from a creative block for the past two years and I have not really had any desire to pick up my camera. My poor baby has been neglected and screaming for attention and I just can't believe that i've let this much time go by. It might be cause it's scorpio season, but I woke up about two weeks and realized that I needed to get the fuck out of my bed and start creating again, because honestly creating is my life. I have gone two years neglecting something that is so important to me and I'm just so ready to tackle the world with my camera again. Naturally, I texted my friend Kristin and said, "Let's go to the Met!" I grabbed my very dusty camera and the adventure began. 

Ft. Kristin Kempa (www.kristinkempa.com / @k_kemps)

Your friend,