Kevin Gavidia is a New York City based digital content producer who has graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a BFA in photography in the spring of 2016.

Every morning he wakes up inspired, knowing that there’s latent beauty yet to be captured; beauty that would otherwise remain hidden if not for people like him who devote themselves to flushing it out from wherever it lies occluded. He has always had a strong bond with nature and the universe, which allows him to feel very deeply. The use of lighting to convey the tone of a piece of work, and the effect that slight changes in lighting has in completely altering the emotional impact of a piece is integral to his work.

In his more formal studio portraits he draws inspiration from Rembrandt due to his bold use of darkness that gives each portrait a dynamic importance. His infatuation with natural window light shows when outside of a studio setting. 

Any inquiries regarding commissions, purchasing prints, or future collaborations can be sent to