White Noise (2015).

White Noise represents the culmination of the emotions you begin to feel when stagnancy strikes. The very feeling of being trapped in a room with only a lonesome chair and a television, except you turn it on and realize that there is no cable. At first, there is beauty to the fuzziness of the screen, and the static begins to almost put you to sleep but very slowly that beautiful hymn turns into a haunting tune. The tranquility evaporates and almost immediately anxiety starts to fill every inch of your body. Your heart beats faster and faster, and all you want to do is run but you're stuck. You become angry, you become sad. You become hopeless, but heres the thing. There is always light, even in the darkest of situations. With the darkness you are able to find a light, but first you must get up, turn off the television and look for it. The truth of the matter is that the sun will always set, so it's up to us to look inside of ourselves and shine when the light starts to fade. 

Music: Eprom - Center of the Sun Kosta T - Izdaleka